Instagram Creator Account Categories in 2024

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2 min readNov 3, 2023
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Instagram’s Evolution in Connecting Businesses and Creators

In recent years, Instagram has revolutionized the way businesses connect with content creators.

Their innovative platform streamlines the process, allowing companies to efficiently find creators, engage in negotiations, and review past projects, all within the Facebook ecosystem. This has opened up a plethora of opportunities for brands to collaborate seamlessly with creators and influencers.

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Algorithm Changes

The Instagram algorithm has undergone significant changes since 2020. While the platform continues to prioritize genuine engagement, it has incorporated more sophisticated metrics to gauge content relevance and user behavior.

For businesses and creators alike, understanding these nuances can be the key to maximizing visibility and engagement on the platform.

Choosing the Right Creator Category

For businesses aiming to collaborate with Instagram creators, it’s essential to be familiar with the diverse range of creator categories available. This knowledge can guide businesses in identifying the right creators whose content and audience align with their brand values and marketing objectives.

Tips for 2024

Brands looking to make the most of Instagram in 2024 should consider the following:

  • Diversify Collaborations: With the plethora of creator categories available, brands have the opportunity to diversify their collaborations, tapping into different audiences and content styles.
  • Leverage New Features: Stay abreast of Instagram’s latest features and tools designed for businesses and creators. Utilizing these can enhance collaboration efficiency and campaign effectiveness.
  • Prioritize Authenticity: In an age of information overload, authenticity stands out. Collaborate with creators who resonate with your brand’s ethos and can craft genuine content that appeals to their audience.

List of Updated Creator Account Types for 2024:

• Actor
• Architectural designer
• Artist
• Athlete
• Author
• Blogger
• Books & Magazines
• Chef
• Coach
• Comedian
• Concert tour
• DJ
• Dancer
• Designer
• Digital creator
• Editor
• Entrepreneur
• Fashion designer
• Fashion model
• Fictional character
• Film director
• Fitness model
• Fitness trainer
• Gamer
• Gaming video creator
• Government official
• Graphic designer
• Interior design studio
• Journalist
• Landscape Designer
• Literary Editor
• Monarch
• Motivational Speaker
• Movie character
• Music
• Musician
• Musician/Band
• News Personality
• Pet
• Photographer
• Political Candidate
• Politician
• Producer
• Public figure
• Scientist
• Teacher
• Video creator
• Web designer
• Writer

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